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Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze Dried Candy online ordering should be available in early 2024 due to new cottage law regulations and possibly available in some local stores! Please pardon the lack of updates on this page or quantities listed for the meantime as I use it for a placeholder. 

In the meantime, follow our Facebook page to find what events we will be at with free samples and our rotating candy varieties.  Or you can email at

Candy Varieties Possibly Available (but not limited to):

Rainbow Drops (Made using Original Skittles)

Wild Berry Rainbow Drops (Made using Berry Skittles)

Sour Rainbow Drops (Made using Skittles and a sour coating)

Peach Loops (Made using Gummy Peach Rings)

Watermelon Loops (Made using Gummy Watermelon Rings)

Geeky Clusters (Made using Nerd Gummy Clusters)

Hi-Chomps (Made using Hi-Chew)

Jolly Gems (Made using Jolly Ranchers)

Taffy Puffs (Made using Salt Water Taffy, flavors change seasonally)

Lemon Crunchies (Made using Lemonheads)

Marshmallow Options (Have a wide variety to choose from, Sour Patch Coated, Swedish Fish Coated, Peeps, various flavors and filled marshmallows as well)

Big Chonks (Made using Big Hunk)

Honey Bites (Made using Bit O Honey)

Starry Blasts (Made using Starbursts)

Crispy Fruit Rolls (Made using Fruit Roll Ups)

Wrigglers (Made using Gummy Worms, Sour and Regular)

Gummy Grizzlies (Made using Gummy Bears)

Dairy Duds (Made using Milk Duds)

Caramel Blasts (Made using Werther's)

Choco-Caramel Bursts (Made using Caramel M&M's)

Snicky Bars (Made using Snickers)

Twicky Bars (Made using Twix)

Mini Mints (Made using Junior Mints)

Charlie Chews (Made using Charleston Chews, can do vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate, or a neapolitan blend)

Why the weird names? I do not make any claims to any ownership using trademarked candy names since I am modifying the product and have my own in-house names to avoid copyright infringement. 

Some options, like those with chocolate, I do not make and bring along to outdoor or summer events due to the likelihood of the chocolate melting. These can be made by special request and I do have a quick turnaround depending on machine availability!

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