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Our Poultry

Here at Polar Berry Farms we offer Heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys from non-hatchery stock, as well as Chickens. Our chickens are in two flocks; one flock is our project Bielefelder chickens. The other flock is our colorful eggs flock. 

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The Bourbon Red Turkeys

Famed for their rich mahogany and striking white contrast on their wings and tail. These turkeys are also proficient foragers and excellent for pasture decoration or the table. Being a heritage bird they can reproduce naturally, hens usually reach a mature weight of about 12-15 pounds around 10 months with toms reaching 20-24 pounds by 10 months.

Turkeys are seasonal layers so hatching eggs and poults (baby turkeys) are available in Spring to Mid Summer.  


The Chickens

The Bielefelder is a German breed known as the "Uber" chicken, for it's dual purpose. The duality of the breed means the hens can be used for eggs while extra cockerels put on enough weight to be utilized for eating. One of my favorite features of the bielefelder is their cold tolerance and the chicks are auto-sexing, which means you can tell pullets vs cockerels at hatch. 

My Colorful egg flock has 2 blue egg-gene Roosters covering a variety of hens to create a wide range of colorful egg laying offspring. The hens from these pairings are higher laying breeds typically and resulting offspring hens lay everything from light blue, robin egg blue, spearmint, and deep sage green egg layers. 

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